Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chac'Late - Katara

There's a new Chocolaterie in Doha that you should not miss.... Its  the Chac'Late.
Located in building 15 at Katara this Chocolate house, a paradise... for chocolate lovers like me, this boutique adorned with 24- katart gold leafing, offers you a unique experience in the chocolate world with the latest trends in the market but with an Arabic twist.

Created under Aspire Katara Hospitality, now Qatar has their own signature chocolate spot, with homemade chocolates with Arabic and other original and different flavors. The chocolates are a creation of the Spanish Chef Javier Martinez, who has more than 13 years experience in this field and that comes from a family of known chocolate makers.

You can also find the world best imported premium chocolate brands like Laderach, Rococo , Enric Rovina and others

Two gorgeous lion-head fountains adorn one of the interior walls of the store and guess what...paradise.....instead of water, dark and white chocolate flows out from their mouths...


In the menú you also will find a great variety of premium teas, hot chocolate, coffee and delicious homemade cakes.

The décor is beautiful, inspired in the classical French and Italian boutiques, the high ceiling is adorned with 24 Karat gold leafing and with these gorgeous exquisite chandeliers imported from Spain. 

The ambiance is great, the experience will be unique, a place to go...definitely!!!


  1. Hm, this is a dangerous blog! To know good Chocolate adresses in Doha... So now in dubio - to say thanks or not for this blog ; )
    When you are back - let's goooooooooooo - surely they must have great Hot Chocolate to enjoy at the terrace!

  2. We must go! Loving the BLUE interior ;) xx